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[Regulations] Rules&Conduct (eng. version)

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All players treat themselves with respect ,regardless their relationship.
All players conform with style of gameplay.
All players play together (when there's a opportunity to do this).


By entering the server all regulations are automatically accepted. Ignorance of regulations does not relieve anybody from obeying them. Administration decide which level of fine you are given depending on the size of offence. Situations which are not described in the regulations are left to the assessment of the administration.
Main regulations
  1. Using different languages than Polish and English during global communication. [warn, kick, ban 24h]
  2. Offending ,defamation ,all kinds of racist and too vulgar behaviour. [warn, kick, ban from 24h to perm]
  3. Creating spam on any of the channel used in the game or on Teamspeak. [warn, kick, ban from 24h to 7d]
  4. Using any of the game bug in order to get advantage of the other players. [warn, kick, ban form 24h to 7d]
  5. Using symbols(skins ,emblem on vehicles etc.) forbidden by law (giving a puff of fascism ,nazism ,communism) ,racist ,offending and vulgar. [warn, kick, ban from 7d to perm]
  6. Using inappropriate nicknames i.e. offending ,provocation ,used to personate or other forms of trolling. [kick, ban from 7d to perm]
  7. Using forbidden scripts. [ban from 7d to perm]
  8. Promoting other servers not connected with "Strefa Gier". [ban from 14d to perm]
  9. Counting against server or attempting to damage it. [long-time ban ,ban perm]
  1. Communication with the other players is required. [kick for lack of any comunication with the rest of players]
  2. Breaking rules written in game by mission makers. [warn, kick, ban from 24h to 7d]
  3. Changing team during TVT (style of gameplay in which teams of players fight with each other) in order to get certain benefits. [warn, kick, ban from 24h to 7d]
  4. Flying air vehicles without having appropriate skill or using them against the will of other players or main leader. [warn, kick, ban from  24h to 7d or tmie-ban for flying]
  5. Shooting to players which are in the same team/side. [warn, kick, ban from 7d to perm]
  6. Impedidating gameplay ( solo/Rambo actions finished badly ,with no profit for members of your team or exposing them of loss , destroying friendly hardware consciously. [warn, kick, ban form 7d to perm]
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